Welcome to FuturePerfect!

For 14 weeks, embark with FuturePerfect and develop essential career skills while living in a shared Katimavik house with your new housemates.

Laying the Foundation of Your Career in 14 weeks

You have everything to gain. Over the course of 14 weeks, you’ll jumpstart your career with a paid full-time job in a new community. The program, aptly named FuturePerfect, will have offered you a fresh start.

A career with “real life” impact

Focused on your future, but rooted in current realities, FuturePerfect lets you experience a paid job in another Canadian city that may be a short distance or very far away from home. It’s a great way to begin your working life.

What exactly is FuturePerfect? Below are the key elements of this new program.

Transportation and housing covered by Katimavik

For three months, young adults aged 18 to 30 are housed at Katimavik’s expense in shared accommodations in their host community, somewhere in Canada. Katimavik also pays for the round-trip ticket to the location, as well as utilities and Internet while there. Day-to-day expenses, such as meals and entertainment, are handled by the participants.

During these 14 weeks, the program participants work full-time, fully paid. Before the program even starts, our job developers support participants in their search for an employer that matches their skills and career aspirations.

If they wish to stay in the host city at the end of the program, participants can remain in the house for three more weeks while they search for new accommodations.

and Support

The program begins with 10 days of intensive group training to help participants develop their skills.

In addition, Katimavik’s team of employment professionals provide constant support. They are always available to offer sound advice and help the participants find their way as they embark on an exciting professional journey aligned with their hopes for the future.

Also, since the human aspect is at the heart of the Katimavik experience, all participants will acquire essential life skills. They can expect to benefit from these in every aspect of their lives, both professional and personal.

Diverse jobs and employers

FuturePerfect by Katimavik connects young adults seeking a fulfilling career aligned with their talents, interests and abilities (proven or potential) with employers interested in enhancing the employability and professionalism of young workers.

The list of possible jobs is long; however, it all depends on the variety of employers who join Katimavik’s partner organizations, such as NPOs, public and parapublic agencies, and companies in the private sector. In addition, they must all have needs that can be met by the participants.

Full-time work

FuturePerfect participants are selected by Katimavik after a thorough candidate vetting process. They are paid at least two dollars above the host province’s minimum wage for full-time work (35 to 40 hours a week).

Host communities

The program follows the same core model as the Katimavik National Experience:

Participants are immersed in an environment that is completely different from their own, with other young adults they don’t yet know. Their housemates come from a variety of places across Canada and don’t all speak the same language.

In addition to offering participants an opportunity to acquire new skills, the FuturePerfect program is a way for them to meet new people and develop a network of contacts. They also learn about other realities . . . that of their housemates and the background they bring with them, and that of their host community.

Above all, this is a golden opportunity for many to learn another language and perhaps become proficient in it.

Would you like to apply to FuturePerfect?

FuturePerfect accepts applications from Canadian citizens, permanent residents and landed refugees aged 18 to 30. Proof of legal residency in Canada is required at the time of application.

The program is open to job seekers, gap-year students, recent graduates, newcomers, former Katimavik participants, and young adults looking to kick-start their careers.

We encourage applications from all backgrounds, genders, religions and cultures.


You are committing to a full-time job for a period of 14 weeks.


There are three cohorts each year:

  • Winter cohort: early January to late March
  • Summer cohort: mid-May to mid-August
  • Fall cohort: mid-September to mid-December

Applications are open until all available spots are filled.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions about FuturePerfect.

Who can apply?

Anyone who is between 18 and 30 years old at the start of the program, who is the age of majority in their home province, and who is legally able to work in Canada. Your legal status must be: Canadian citizen, Permanent Resident, or landed refugee.

Is rent covered? Food and other expenses?

Yes, rent, utilities, home phone and internet access is covered by Katimavik.

No, food is not covered when employed during the program, but it is included during your training weeks prior to starting your employment. Katimavik will give you a stipend for your food costs while traveling and during your training sessions in the first weeks.

While working, you will be responsible for your own food. You will either cook for yourself or you can join the other participants in the house for a shared meal.

How will an employer choose me? Can I choose my employment placement?

With the support of your Job Developer, you will job search efficiently and have access to the FuturePerfect Job Board. Once participants apply to a job, they will be screened and interviewed using that employer’s Human Resource procedures.

What kind of employment placements does the program have?

Employment placements can vary depending on the location and cohort. We aim to provide a wide variety of jobs with diverse employers. More information on placements will be available closer to the next cohort’s launch.

Where will I live?

You will live in a Katimavik house, rented and paid for by the program. The houses are fully furnished, equipped with a kitchen, several bedrooms with beds, a bathroom, and a common area where workshops are held. Katimavik provides bedding (sheets, blankets, pillows, and towels). The houses are all equipped with a high-speed internet connection.

How will I get to my place of work?

Each Participant is responsible for getting to and from their place of work, as transportation to and from work can be a very individual decision. Katimavik will provide housing within a reasonable distant to employers or near access to public transit. Transit passes are not provided by the program.

How many hours a day will I work?

Participants work with the employers for 35-40 hours per week.

Can I work from home?

Employers have been encouraged to provide in-person opportunities.

Do I need to move to another city? How will I get there?

You will be required to move to a new city.

All of your travel expenses are covered and Katimavik will take care of the logistics of your trip. Approximately two weeks prior to your departure, a Katimavik representative will contact you to discuss your travel arrangements, and approximately one week prior to your departure, you will receive your itinerary by email. Katimavik will not reimburse any self-booked travel or expenses which have not been previously approved and those that do not have a receipt.

Will I have my own bedroom/room?

Houses can have up to 8 participants with up to 2 participants per bedroom. For three months, you will share accommodations with other young people. You may not have your own bedroom and may share a bedroom with other participants of the same gender with which you identify. Living together under one roof is a great opportunity to build relationships and form lasting friendships.

What do I need to bring with me?

Katimavik will cover the cost of one checked bag per participant. The weight limit is generally 23 kg (50 pounds). All participants must have their provincial or territorial health card (valid for the duration of the program) and at least one piece of government-issued photo identification.

Make sure you bring four months of any medication and medical supplies that may be needed while in the program.

Does the program provide training?

Yes, the first 9-12 days of the program will include employability trainings, workshops, and program orientation prior to the start of your job placement.

Thanks to Our FuturePerfect Partners

Katimavik’s brand-new FuturePerfect employment program would not have been possible without the contributions and commitment of its partners. The Katimavik team wishes to express its gratitude to them on behalf of everyone involved.


FuturePerfect is funded by Employment and Social Development Canada through the Youth Employment and Skills Strategy program (YESS). This essential contribution from the federal government enables Katimavik to cover, among other things, the costs of transportation and accommodation for participants, and a significant portion of their wages.


By providing participants with paid work experience along with support and supervision, our work partners play a vital role in the program.

How to become an employment partner ?

Employers who wish to participate in FuturePerfect by Katimavik can learn more about the benefits and apply to become a partner here.